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GRE Verbal Only Plan

Course Instructor Shreya Nandi

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Course Overview

  • Diagnostic Test
  • Recorded Lectures: 6 (Verbal) | 12+ hours
  • Live Classes: 6 (Verbal) | 12+ hours
  • One-to-One Doubt Solving Sessions: 4 (Verbal) | 6+ hours
  • Booster & Refresher Sessions for Only Verbal Sections: 3 (Verbal) | 6+ hours
  • Vocabulary List: 4000+
  • The Pool of Essays: Issue and Argument Task
  • Mind Maps/Cheat Sheet for Only Verbal
  • Complete Notes, Tips, Strategies, and Practice Questions: Vocabulary Building, Analytical Writing, and Verbal Reasoning
  • GRE Internal Tests (Chapter/Module-Wise Verbal Tests): 4
  • GRE Full-Length Practice Tests: 10
  • GRE Study Schedule (Include Both Quant and Verbal)
  • Recommended List of Books to be Referred

Schedule of Classes

Course Curriculum

1 Subject

GRE Verbal Only Pack

16 Exercises 62 Learning Materials

Section 1: Vocabulary Building

Introduction to GRE Vocabulary

3- Stage Approach

Ways to Build GRE Vocabulary

Sample Vocabulary Flowcharts


Word List 1 - A,B, C, D (Words from the official Guide)

Sample Flashcards- E, F, G, H (Words from the Official Guide)


Word List 1 - I, J, K, L (Words from the official Guide)

Word List 1 - M, N, O, P, Q (Words from the official Guide)

Word List 1 - R, S, T (Words from the official Guide)

Word List 1 - U, V, W, X, Y, Z (Words from the official Guide)

Vocabulary List - 2


Most Frequently Asked Words on the GRE


Most Commonly Misused Words

GRE Word Groups


Positive and Negative Tone Words

Word Roots

Prefix List

Suffix List

Word Game- 1


Word Game- 2


Section 2: Analytical Writing Assessment

All About Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)

Chapter 1: Notes: Analyze an Issue

Chapter 1.1: How to Plan?

Chapter 1.2 : How to Write the Introduction Paragraph

Chapter 1.3: How to Write the Body Paragraphs?

Chapter 1.4: How to Write the Conclusion Paragraph?

Chapter 1.5: Marking Criteria

Chapter 1.6: Sample Issue Task Answer

Chapter 1.1: ETS Pool of Essays- Issue Task

Chapter 2: Notes: Analyze an Argument

Chapter 2.1:

Chapter 2.2: How to Write the Introduction Paragraph?

Chapter 2.3: How to Write the Body Paragraphs

Chapter 2.4: Structure: Conclusion

Chapter 2.5: Marking Criteria

Chapter 2.6: Sample Argument Task Answer

Chapter 2.7: ETS Pool of Essays- Argument Task

Section 3: Verbal Reasoning

Introduction to GRE Verbal Reasoning

Chapter 1: GRE Reading Comprehension

Chapter 1.1: Types of Reading

Chapter 1.2: Challenges in Reading Comprehension

Chapter 1.3: Different Topics for Reading Comprehension

Chapter 1.4: Question Format- Multiple Choice- Select One Answer Choice

Chapter 1.5: Question Format- Multiple Choice- Select One or More Answer Choice

Chapter 1.6: Question Format- Multiple Choice- Select -in- Passage

Chapter 1.7: Recommended Approaches

Chapter 1.9: Types of Questions- Overview/ Primary Idea/ Primary Purpose

Practice Questions: Overview/ Primary Idea/ Primary Purpose Questions


Chapter 1.10: Tone/ Attitude Questions

Practice Questions: Tone/ Attitude Questions


Chapter 1.11: Area- Specific/ Detail Questions

Practice Questions: Area- Specific/ Detail Questions


Chapter:1.12 Inference Questions

Practice Questions: Inference Questions


Chapter 1.13: Vocabulary-Based Questions

Practice Questions: Vocabulary Based Questions


Chapter 1.14: Structure of the Passage Questions

Practice Questions: Structure of the Passage/ Organization Questions


Reading Comprehension Mock Test


Chapter2: Text Completion

Chapter 2.1: Types of Questions: Multiple-choice Questions -One blank question

Practice Questions- One-blank Questions


Chapter 2.2: Multiple-choice Questions —Two blank questions

Practice Questions: Two- blank Questions


Chapter 2.3: Multiple-choice Questions —Three blank questions

Practice Questions: Text Completion- Three- blank Questions


Text Completion Mock Test


Chapter 3: Sentence Equivalence- Notes for Reference

Chapter 3.1: Useful Advice

Chapter 3.2: Multiple-choice Questions —One blank question

Chapter 3.3: Strategies to Deal with the Sentence Equivalence Questions

Practice Questions: Sentence Equivalence Questions


Sentence Equivalence Practice Test


Chapter 4: Critical Reasoning: Notes for Reference

Chapter 4.1: Types of Questions

Chapter 4.2: Strategies to Crack critical Reasoning Questions

Chapter 4.3: Useful Advice

Critical Reasoning Practice Test


GRE | Diagnostic Test

GRE | Mock Test - 1

GRE | Mock Test - 2

GRE | Mock Test - 3

GRE | Mock Test - 4

GRE | Mock Test - 5

Course Instructor

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Shreya Nandi

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